The STEP Diploma

Members and their employers regard a STEP diploma as the benchmark qualification for those working in the wealth administration and advisory industry. STEP currently runs a range of standard and specialist diplomas, designed to support practitioners’ careers and employers’ business needs. You can find out more here.

Onwards and upwards

We will continue to build our capacity as a global education provider with the upcoming launch of the new STEP Diploma (the new Diploma).

The new arrangement will harmonise our existing diplomas and advanced certificates into a single, flexible diploma. This will encompass globally applicable technical and practical content, and provide students with greater flexibility in building their new Diploma to meet their specific learning needs and job role.


‘I undertook the STEP Diploma in Trust Management to transition more effectively from legal academia to practice in the offshore trust industry. As a former professor/lecturer for over ten years, I can attest to the fact that the quality of the teaching on the Diploma is outstanding and that completion of the course certainly accelerated my career in practice and opened many doors.’

Leyla Jackson TEP – STEP Diploma in International Trust Management

Tailoring to members’ needs

The new Diploma answers direct feedback from employers for a wider range of content to support business needs and employee learning and development.

For prospective students, or for those who may have previously been deterred from completing the full diploma due to the fixed combination of papers, the new arrangements will provide them with the opportunity to tailor the new Diploma to their job role to cover the content that is most relevant to them.

By working with universities and education providers, STEP will raise its profile globally, bringing the value of STEP membership to a new generation and ensuring STEP’s growth in the years to come.

Building a Diploma

The model of the new Diploma recognises the multidisciplinary and jurisdictional specialisms across STEP’s membership, while retaining the fundamentals of trusts and estates core to STEP’s origins.

The new Diploma comprises 60 diploma-level (DL) credits from compulsory courses and 60 DL credits from elective courses. For the compulsory courses, 30 DL credits will be from a set of Private Wealth, Administration and Governance courses and 30 from a set of Tax and Compliance courses.

To complete the new Diploma, students must obtain 30 DL credits from Set 1, 30 DL credits from Set 2 and the remaining 60 DL credits from any of the three sets.

More information will be coming soon. Watch this space!




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